Our visit to Kranjska gora, beside all the beautiful things around, also took us on Triple border or mountain Peč. It is 1510 meters high elevation above Rateče and is a juncture of three countries and culture: Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

A place with a beautiful view on three countries – Slovenia, Italy and Austria. — Travel-Slovenia

This is one of the must see points while visiting Kranjska gora and nearby places. And you can take is as a day trip, with a little walk in the nature and with final beautiful views on three countries mountain landscape.

We started our trip in Kranjska gora, from here we drove to Korensko sedlo, which is a road pass in western part of Karavanke, with an altitude of 1073 meters. It connects Slovenia and Austria, and at the same time it is a natural connection between Upper-Sava valley and lower Zila valley.

We parked just few meters before the pass, on gravel road. Once there we got welcome from nearby pasture cows, we could even stoke them, as they are really friendly and as it seems they like human company. We continued along gravel road, not far from here we saw a flock of deer. But they are a little bit shy, so they ran to the other side of the fence.

Soon, a little bit higher up the road, a view to Kranjska gora and nearby high pastures opens. It is a really nice view as we could also see some ski slopes. And in a good weather it really takes your breath away that is why it was our first stop to take some photos and to enjoy the view.

After continuing on the road, we got a little lost, as we missed the right turn into the forest. It took us half an hour to find the way. So after coming to the grazing fence, you must turn right on the overgrown path. But this is not ordinary fence, its ground hole with round iron bars. They are very useful, as hoofed animals cannot pass it. So after finding our way we follow this path into the forest, pass thorny plants and grass. After a while the path leads us on the meadow, where we turn right. On the left are the remains of an old house. On the right we came across wooden houses, and that is how we know we are on the right track. Some steeper ascent awaits, where there is another wooden house and clearing, before we again enter the forest and turn left. Soon we come to another meadow and a wooden house.

At this point we climbed the ladder, but the view is not that good, since there are trees all around. But still you can relax a bit here, but be careful while climbing and descending. If you are not careful enough, there is a risk of a fall. Pass the meadow, back into the forest, just follow the small path in the middle. Once you come to the gravel road, turn left. Again a view on high mountains opens. After some time, another forest path joins the one you are walking on. Continue taking the right road.

The path took us pass forest rangers, who were just cutting the trees and bringing it out of the forest. We passed two tractors and a trailer for tree trunks. Soon we came across hunting observatory, and of course we had to climb it. At the top a nice view of the surroundings opens. Here also, one must be careful not to fall. Continue along this gravel road, until another road from the left joins, continue along the left path. On the tree you can also see inscription Petelinjek. If you continue straight, you will come to Austria. After some ascends and descends we reach the top of Petelinjek.

It is an over grown peak, with boundary markers, Austrian border-board with inscription Achtung Staatgrenze, which means Attention national border and broken trees. Here the view is very limited, only on Austrian side. If you are lucky you will see anthills. Don’t step into them. Continue pass the board, and the view on Alps will open. This is Austrian side of the ridge, which in winter turns into a ski slope. Here awaits us the steepest descent. Once down, we head left towards Peč or Triple border. But before that you meet some cows and horses. Some can even allow you to stroke it. But be careful, as they can attack you.

Some more ascent and we reach our goal, where a beautiful view on all three countries opens, back on Slovenia, left on Italy and on the right on Austria. Many monuments stand here, which show us the juncture of three nations and cultures. There is only one problem, since there is also a chair lift from Austrian side, many amateur hikers come so the area can be quite crowded. People like to sit on the triple border monument, which can be bothersome when you are trying to take some pictures. It can be annoying, since we needed three hours to come here. So we did not linger at the top we headed a little lower and sat on the wooden bench, which provided us with a beautiful view. Had something to eat and just relax in the view of mountains, the warmth of the sun and the company of horses.

After spending some time on the top, we headed back on the path we came from. Despite bad experience on the top of Triple border, we went back satisfied, as the day was great and we had some nice walk. Had some chat with cows while returning to Petelinjek, and before we stepped back to that steep slope. The whole hike was just great, with lots of great views and we would definitely suggest to take it. It can be a nice day trip in the nature with family or friends or both when visiting Kranjska gora. The path is not that hard, also suitable for bigger children. And with that our day ended, with some talk with cows at the point we parked our car.


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