This time we took a little family trip to an 887 meters high hill Grmada in Lower Carniola. Grmada is a viewpoint on the western side of Ribnica’s Mala gora with a nice view from the top. At first, we did not know if the trip will be possible, as it was raining all day on Saturday. But Sunday morning was fresh, little cloudy, but still, it was promising a nice day to take a trip.

Small hill, beautiful nature and time well spent outdoors. — Travel-Slovenia

Road took us towards small settlement Velike Lašče and after it to a village named Gornje Retje. As a quick fact, the village on the other side of the road is Dolnje Retje, where Slovenian poet, writer, dramatist, critic, and linguist Fran Levstik was born. If you are interested in history, we also suggest visiting the village and see his birth house.

In the center of the village Gornje Retje, you will found a small black and yellow board with inscription Grmada. Gornje Retje is a small nucleated village in municipality Velike Lašče and one of the starting points for Grmada. We parked behind the village on a gravel road at the edge of the forest. The weather was still fresh, cloudy and a little chilly. The morning fog was coming from the forest and the view was just beautiful. The forest path took us to the meadow, where snow awaited us, which was present along the whole path.

Snow on the path

We had a little snow fight there, and after some fun, we continued our hike towards Grmada. The path took us pass meadows and along forest paths. As it was raining a day before, the road was a little muddy, but that did not stop us. Soon we reached a hamlet and got a little lost, as the path was not marked. But we found our way quickly and continued passed what we called the house of Hansel and Gretel. It is a small red wooden house, which looks like a candy one. And stands alone in the middle of the woods.

The house of Hansel and Gretel

Soon after passing the little house, after coming out of the forest, the view on Grmada opened. We had a meadow ahead of us, and the view on Grmada behind it. Here it started to rain, but we continued, as little rain does not stop us. Pass the meadow with snow again, on the forest path afterward. From here on a gravel road and another meadow. At this point we already saw a transmitter, so we knew we are not far from the top. Here, a very nice view opened, with a mist coming out from nearby hills. Just beautiful sight.

All the way we had a nice ascent, at the end it became steeper before we reached the top of Grmada, where transmitter stands. Just below it, there is a tourist home, where we had some hot tea and cookies, served with a very beautiful view on the surroundings. After getting some rest, we went down the hill. Due to rain and mud, we had to be careful, as it was very slippery. Just a little lower, we made a small snowman, as the snow was suitable for one. It was a real masterpiece.


Along the path, there were many hunting observatories, which hunters use to watch the game. We could not help ourselves and had to climb two of them. One was in the middle of the meadow, providing a nice view of the entire place around. And probably the highest one of all.

Hunting observatory

With that, we had just a few more minutes to the car and our hike was over. A trip to Grmada can be a very nice hike for the entire family, as the path is not hard, and is suitable also for small children. Even the small elevation like Grmada can provide a nice view and lets you have a lot of fun at this time of the year. Winter hikes can be really fun and joyful. This is why we can put this little hill under the family trips, we had three children with us, one being 3 years old and another one 1 year. But he enjoyed sleeping the entire walk, he just had a view on the top. Do not miss to take trips like that while visiting Slovenia, explore and be amazed by the beauties of our little country

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