»Village day of radička«, a culinary-recreational event organized by Society Škrla for the fourth time in Lipa on Karst on March 24th, 2019, attracted a nice number of visitors on a sunny Sunday. Everyone who decided for local goodies, they could also take them home and with that, a nice memory of the day spent in the Karst, new energy from interesting new experiences, including culinary.

Succesful organization of Radička holiday in village Lipa. — TS Škrla Lipa

Chrunchy dandelion
Chrunchy dandelion

On a Sunday morning, around 130 hikers gathered in a village at the foot of Trstelj with only 100 inhabitants, who were attracted by the water hike »Along the viewing routes between the Alps and the sea.« Experiences of the Karst landscape were enriched by the stories of the experienced guide Nataša Kolenc from Lipa, who took hikers along Trstelj paths through the stories of people in nature, associated with this fragment of the Karst. The summit of the hike was the very top of Trstelj, with a view to the snowy Alps on one side and the sea on the other. An additional climax was the view of the prosciutto’s leg as part of Karst lunch, which was contributed by the Osmica na Lehtah – Leban from Lipa.

Lipa people (or Slovenian Lip’nci) also offered a hospitality to the participants of the memorial commemoration at the memorial to the fallen Slovenian and Italian partisans in nearby Lasca, which is organized annually by the Regional Association of NLS Fighters (NG), in cooperation with KO Association of Fighters for NLS Values (Temnica).

The main part of the afternoon program was already traditional tasting of various foods from dandelion, prepared and offered by the locals from village Lipa. The visitors were able to taste 16 different foods, from classical dandelion’s salad with eggs, to the desserts, among which muffins with dandelion cream was predominant. It is especially valuable that new suppliers join each year, with their own, new recipes – every year the confidence and creativity of cooks and chefs are growing, which year by year contribute towards greater interests and visibility of the Village holiday of radička. All local suppliers, thanks to their effort, inventiveness and truly tasty offerings of dandelions’ foods, deserve great praise!

Location of Radička holiday

Dandelion’s theme suitable, the event this year was organized more ecologically – with the use of to the nature more friendly, paper or wooden pots and cutlery, almost without plastic waste. Truthfully, homemade food and beverage served without plastic is even more tasteful.

The offer on the holiday was supplemented by local suppliers Cheese trade Orel (Šmarje-Branik), Martina Štolfa with lavender products (Divača), Maqfino with seasonal pickled vegetables (Miren) and beekeepers Robert Ščuka and Matej Levstek, both from Lipa on Karst. The program offered a diversification with young hip hop dancers Be funky from Gorjansko. Sincere thanks to all.

… group photo

The special surprise of this year’s holiday was prepared by the Association of breeders of small breed animals from Gornja Radgona, who came to Lipa from other side of Slovenia at the invitation of the local Milena Berlot, an active member of both societies. A relatively young Styrian Society with president Andrejko Serdet presented an interesting examples of ornamental poultry and other animals that they raise. A large part of attention was drawn by a young member of Society Gal, with his animals – he even played with his snake! Thanks to all members of society and their animals.

Special thanks of Škrla Society goes also to the member Milena Berlot, who with sacrificial work, diligence and great will showed that it is worthwhile to continue with the tradition of the holiday, to continue to connect the people and to carry on with many more things.

Almost 9 kilos

Thanks go also to the villagers and others who, with their diligent and patient volunteer work, enabled the holiday to be performed in such a beautiful way. Connected they showed that together they can do a great thing and be a great host for many visitors and together they can create many more good ones – at the same time they contribute to better recognition of their beautiful village Lipa and this piece of Karst.

The estimated visit of Radička holiday is around 300 visitors. With repute of this years holiday, organizers invite everyone to join them in village Lipa on the other occasions, if not earlier, at the next Radička holiday.

Photography: Doris Bordon, Tina Grošelj Malenič
Prepared by: Sergio Berce and Nataša Kolenc

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