On Saturday, June 15th, 2019, we went back to the beautiful Karst village Vojščica, which celebrated its holiday on this day. A holiday of Saint Vid, by which the village church is called, at the same time Saint Vid is a patron of the village. In the year 2018, members of Society Farjovca named this holiday Vojščica feast on sand; of course, Vojščica also has sand. On Saturday, they organized beach volleyball tournament of threes with rich prizes, on Sunday they prepared a musical colored program with a concert of Slavko Ivančič and accompanying ensemble ABC. The event was organized under this name and in such extent for the second time, and it did not disappoint.

Vojščica holiday offered a pleasant experience! — Travel-Slovenia

Society Farjovca

Our path to Vojščica started at 10 in the morning, with departure from Ljubljana, the weather forecast was great, but all did not go according to plan. A car accident at Brezovica stopped us and delayed our travel for more than an hour. We took a detour on local roads, thus, we managed to avoid a traffic collapse on the Littoral highway and according to forecasts, the waiting time was more than an hour. In addition, after a long rainy days finally warm and sunny days came, and with that also works on the roads started. Of course, the highways are no exception, so we had to pass some roadblocks, but after the arrival to Ajdovščina, our path continued smoothly. With only one exception of a little carelessness, as we made a wrong turn and had to drive back.

Slovene version

We arrived at Vojščica a little before 2 pm, where we quickly noticed the promotional banners and arrows that directed us towards the event area. The path to the event was marked from both directions of arrival to Vojščica. A few more meters and we arrived at the volleyball playground, which we noticed before, during the Autumn hike to Trstelj, which we attended last year. It is located somewhat away from the center of the village, along the Karst road on the forest edge or on the way to the neighboring village Lipa.

Volleyball playground

Members of the Farjovca society have prepared the area of the event nicely, we already saw from the pictures on their Facebook page that they are building a new structure, their future plan is to make even more, namely the arrangement of a sports park. Below the volleyball playground, there is a football playground. Upon our arrival, the organizers were working on the final details before the start of the tournament, at the same time we received the official T-shirt of the event, where our logo appeared. Just next to the volleyball playground, we noticed a small tribune for spectators, which got fuller and fuller during the day.

Travel-Slovenia logo

Just before 2 pm, a DJ came, who during the day and late into the night took care for the selection of various music, as well as for the announcements of the performing teams and the final announcement of the winners. We heard many different types of music, from Slovene, Croatian to POP hits. The teams started to arrive at 2 pm and started with the warming up. In the end, there were 10 teams registered, each team had to have at least one female representative. The teams that performed: Boštjan, Miks (en. Mix), Litr Šprica (en. Liter of spritzer), Kras (en. Karst), Samo da riba (en. Just that it scrubs), Vojščički odbojkaši (en. Vojščica volleyball players), Urban, Karneki (en. Just something), Summer of ’79 and the last but not least, local team Farjovca.

The teams

In the first round, the teams were divided into three groups, where each played with each team. In the initial phase of the tournament, we noticed that the rules were slightly adapted, as some of the teams, which participated do not or did not play volleyball before or played it only occasionally, at the same time some younger players also took part in the tournament. Thus, the entertainment and cooperation were offered to all participants, while in the later rounds the rules became very strict. In that phase, a judge was called to the playground, who ensured that the rules were followed. In this stage, we noticed that the teams were struggling a bit with the strict rules, especially with the reception. The ball had to be accepted with the lower punch and not with upper with the fingers. It was forbidden to touch the net or to pass to the other side of the net.

First match

From here on, the matches were more harsh and competitive, and we often watched the third set or win on two points difference, when the match reached tied score before the last point. After all, they played for victories, and some healthy competitiveness is good for the entertainment. Despite all the competitiveness, the teams still had something to drink together and socialized after the matches.

On the event area itself, we could see quite a few Tomos motor vehicles, already old-timers, we could say. Tomos is a Slovenian moto vehicle factory, which was established in the year 1954. In their time, they produced many quality and beautiful motor vehicles. The organizer took care of the drinks throughout the day, as they provided a good selection of drinks. A little later they started to prepare food, fries, and meat, especially grilled chevapcici, hotdog, and steaks.

Black Tomos motor cycle

The later it got the more intense matches we watched. In the final round, the teams made fewer mistakes, which cost them points at the beginning, due to strict rules. The battles were for each ball and for each point until the end of the tournament, where the third place went to the team Summer of ’79, second to the team Boštjan. The winners were, absolutely deserved, the team Litr Šprica (en. Liter of spritzer). If we summarize the whole tournament, we can say that it was excellent and well organized. Here, we must compliment the judge because he had strictly adhered to the rules and did not show leniency, not even to the home team. He did his job professionally.

After the end of the tournament, followed the ceremony of cups and awards, quick photo shooting and fun with the DJ. The tournament itself ended late at night, just after 23. hour. Afterward, we socialized a bit, debate with organizer, and something after midnight it was time to leave.

Team Liter of spritzer – the winners of beach volleyball tournament

The whole day was beautiful and sunny, with shorter cloudiness; we came home slightly tanned, but not too much, despite the strong sun. We spent a lot of time in the shade, the players suffered the most, but this is how it is with beach volleyball. The whole day, as every until now in Vojščica, was unique and spent in a good company. The event itself was well organized; it was taken care for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.

After the short break, Sunday event started at 3 pm with the performance of Youth Wind Orchestra from Komen, which played four songs. Thus, with the sounds of the wind instruments, they opened the second day of Vojščica holiday. After their appearance, followed the speech by the president of Farjovca Tadej Rogelja and president of Local community Vojščica, Robert Peras. After the conclusion of both speeches, the presentation of cave club Temnica and descents on the rope followed, which the children enjoyed greatly. The focus was mostly on safety that the members of the caving society should always put in the first place if they do not want an accident to occur.

Rope ascent

After the presentation of cave society, a short theatrical performance of the comedy titled Go to the Theater started, prepared by the recognized Secular Society Standrež. The performance lasted about 25 minutes, which in all respects entertained the audience. A horseshoe throwing tournament, where visitors could test their throwing skills, accompanied the whole event. The winners of the tournament, who aimed the best, were the locals Božo Pirec and Niko Volčič. At the same time, visitors could pay a ticket during the event and guess the weight of the prosciutto, which was displayed in a prominent place. The best measure of the prosciutto was predicted by local Matej Antonič and thus became its proud owner.

Ensemble ABC

At 5 pm, the ensemble ABC came to the scene and began with the warming of the visitors before a big concert of Slavko Ivančič. The atmosphere was becoming hotter and hotter and the audience was already well warmed up when Slavko Ivančič and his bend came to the stage. Slavko took care for a great selection of music and even more warmed up the atmosphere and the visitors. Of course, the majority of the visitors danced at the sounds of good music, relaxed and simply enjoying it. After the concert of Slavko Ivančič, the ensemble ABC again stepped to the stage and took care of the music for those more persistent. Around 400 people attended the Sunday event, who enjoyed themselves immensely and had fun. Overall, the Sunday event had a great visit and was well organized, to summarize the words of president of Farjovca: “The day was phenomenal.” The day was just great for good music, socializing and joy.

Slavko Ivančič

With that, the Vojščica holiday and the holiday of patron Saint Vid ended. As always, Vojščica offered interesting happenings and a well-spent weekend. Once again, we left Vojščica full of beautiful impressions and with a new story to share. It is definitely good to see, that a place so small, can prepare something like the Vojščica holiday, at the same time we must mention the Autumn hike on Trstelj and Sage hike. All three events, individually, prepared their own unique adventure.

For the end, we invite you to check the photos below (divided on preparations, Saturday and Sunday), we will be grateful if you share this article or give a like. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook page.

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Preparations before Vojščica holiday:


Vojščica holiday – Saturday:


Vojščica holiday – Sunday:


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