Only a week after our culturally colored trip to the Technical Museum of Slovenia and Museum of Post and Telecommunications, we extended it with a hike along Bevk’s path that was organized within Bevk’s days 2019. Bevk’s days are dedicated to the memory of Cerkno compatriot and writer France Bevk, who with his work left an indelible mark in today’s environment. The Bevk’s days began on Thursday, September 12th with opening the exhibition of members of the Art section of Retirement Society Cerkno. The main event took place on Sunday, September 15th, when the 9th hike along Bevk’s path was organized.

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He came out of the nation, for the nation he wrote and sang, with nation he went into a hard battle. – In this house France Bevk (1890-1970) spent his youth, writer, poet, journalist, president of PRNLC (Presidency of Regional National Liberation council) for Slovenian Littoral region – Socio-political organizations of municipality Idrija, The Society of old Gorica students 1977

On this day, hikers traditionally walk on one of the three routes to Zakojca, the birthplace of France Bevk, where in front of Bevk’s home cultural program takes place. Hikers could walk to Zakojca from Cerkno or Hudajužna in Baška grapa. The hike from Hudajužna was organized by Society Baška Heritage and with this was upgrades ties between the Cerkno region and Baška grapa, which were also knitted with writing pen by France Bevk. The start was at 10 a.m., and the hikers listened to the excerpts from Bevk’s works along the path. Every year, the society chooses a theme from writer’s opus, which is then summed up into theme paper for hikers.

Slovene version

From Cerkno, this was also our starting point, hikers could choose from two routes. Namely, at 5.30 in the morning pass Porezen into Zakojca, which is considered the difficult path. Since this was our first year that we attended this hike, we choose the second option, with a gathering at 8 a.m. in Cerkno and a hike that took us on the route through settlement Zakriž, pass elevation Kojca to the village Zakojca. As already mentioned, we came to Cerkno just before 8 o’clock. We parked in the center of the settlement, but since this was our first visit, we did not know where the assembly point is. After a short search around the place, the guide, who led the entire hike, approached to us and showed us the assembly point, before leaving we drank some coffee to get energy for the hike. Together, including our guide, nine people gathered, we expected more people to join, but the small number did not bother us. A few minutes after 8 o’clock we got few pointers about the path and soon after we departure through the city.

Gathering in Cerkno

A short ascent awaited us just behind the settlement, a look back offered us a beautiful view on Cerkno and the surrounding hills in the back. We continue along the narrow path to the cart track above Cerkno, which leads us through the forest to the trim trail. Here we turn to the right into a slightly steeper hill, which takes us to the top, where an even more beautiful view of the surrounding villages and hills opens. That was the hardest part of the path, from here gradual and arranged path awaited us, which in some parts went down and on some up. Along the entire hike, we were accompanied by a wonderful view of the surrounding places. After a long walk through the forest, we soon saw village Zakriž, nucleated settlement, which lies on the former big avalanche, centuries back caught between the hills Lamek, Kovk, and Zakriški Vršič. Before our arrival in the village Zakriž, we saw Porezen in front of us, the elevation on which hikers, who started before us, ascended.

Village Zakriž

In village Zakriž we were welcomed with warm tea, aperitif, and dry plum, we refreshed, got a short rest before we continued along the path towards village Jesenica. In Zakriž we stopped in front of the church of St. Andrew, in the center of the village. After shortstop we continued through the village, at the end of the village is a small elevation with a cross on the top, which once served as a guide for travelers and is not connected to Christianity. Behind the village, we turn back on the forest road with a short ascent. The path took us at the edge of settlement Jesenica, where we can take a closer look at Porezen. At the first house we passed we saw two kurent masks. Behind the village, we saw Kojca, lookout peak, which rises on the south of Baška grapa. It offers the view on the chain of Spodnje Bohinjske mountains (en. Lower Bohinj mountains), Škofja loka – Cerkno hills, Snežnik, Golaki and part of the mountains, which are rising above the middle part of river Soča. Just below the peak, we could see a Slovenian flag, which was proudly fluttering in the wind.

Kurent mask

When we passed Kojca, we were slowly but steadily getting closer to our finish, village Zakojca. We arrive at the intersection of three paths, one leads to Porezen, second to Kojca, and third, which we took leads towards village Zakojca. Here we made a shortstop and to make a group photo. Then follows the short descend, some turns and ascents, when we saw the first inscription for Zakojca. Soon a beautiful view on the surrounding opens. We walk through a lowly Zakojca, a peaceful village with a beautiful view of the Bohinj mountains. The village got its name after nearby elevation, Kojca, which can be seen on our left while walking through the village. In the village follows a short descent on a meadow path, passing a cow, which was peacefully grazing on the meadow, all the way to Bevk’s homestead.

The cow on the way to Bevk’s homestead

Upon arrival, we saw a nice group of hikers had gathered in front of the homestead, the ones, who walked pass Porezen and those, who came from Hudajužna, as well as those, who were part of the cultural program, which awaited us. We quickly drank an aperitif, tried small bread and seat in front of the house. At that time the cultural program started, the guest was a writer Valerija Skrinjar Tvrz. But before her speech, we listen to a welcome talk of Milojka Magajna and presentation of Bevk’s days. After, follows the performance of the Vocal group Lira. They presented four children’s poems, which were sung in the youth of Bevk. Then follows the speech of the president of Society Baška Heritage, Alenka Zgaga. After her speech came so-organizer Gregor Novakovič. Let us remind you that on that day it was also a celebration of 49 years since France Bevk passed away and on this day was a Day of return of Primorska to the mother country, 72nd anniversary of Littoral province.

Followed by the performance of the vocal group with poem Sundial, from Frane Milčinski – Ježek (si. Sončna ura), which is the memory on confinement. After the poem follows the speech of the guest, Valerija Skrinjar Tvrz, the writer, who writes stories for children and adults and one of the few, who can speak about the war experience, about the battle on Menina mountain pasture. It is a five-hour bloody battle when 500 partisans stood against 12000 Germans.

Writer Valerija tells a few words about her past and mentions that she was a war reporter. After that, she devotes here word to France Bevk. Bevk had a lot of desire to learn, in his family they respected books and knowledge. As a child, he had to walk several hours to get to school. While walking he traveled in his mind to the world of imagination. After the death of his mother, he was going through difficult times, but Bevk was a rebel by soul, and he did not yield. He had a rich imagination, which enriched his external images and internal life. This way he lived a double life, external and internal. Bevk’s family was not rich, that is why they could not afford much. But he had some luck that he had a good dean, who arranged his schooling and stay. After graduation, he enrolls in a study of teaching. Bevk traveled everywhere with books and thus creating. First, he wrote poetry, then prose. Bevk’s life and work represent the effort of spreading the Slovenian language and a struggle against the destruction of the language. Because of his wish to preserve the language, he often had problems and he landed in an Italian prison, but despite that, he never yielded, as he fought for Slovenia.

Valerija Skrinjar Tvrz

Excellent speech by Valerija contained, in addition to Bevk’s story, a distinctly patriotic theme and a great emphasis on the preservation of the Slovenian language. After her speech followed the closing speech and sightseeing of Bevk’s homestead with a tasting of homemade bread, which was backed in bread furnace located in the house. Bread greased with minced lard, it was excellent. After a short rest and socializing with hikers, we head for Bevk’s lunch, lunch that Bevk had when he came from school – stew with sausage and cottage cheese rolled dumplings. Unfortunately, we had to end our hike soon after lunch, as we had a three-hour walk back to Cerkno. The biggest “bad” side of the hike was that there was no organized transport back. True, the organizer wrote that there will be no transport back if there were not enough applications, but they did not inform us about that before the hike, we found out that there were only two applications, from us.

Bread greased with minced lard

This is why we had to skip the presentation of Valerija Skrinjar Tvrz’s book: Where the olives bloom (si. Kjer oljke cveto), which was scheduled for 3 p.m. We head back, on the slope of mountain Kojca, pass cows, which grazed here, on the forest path towards settlement Cerkno. On the way back we went through settlement Jesenica, pass village houses towards Zakriž, where instead of taking the path we came on, turn right towards Cerkno. In village Zakriž we took photos of sights we found before we head-on. When walking on the forest path we soon saw Cerkno, it is a small settlement. From the settlement’s center rises church bell. Upon arrival to the city, at its edge, we saw rabbit pups, which were eating carelessly and were gleefully jumping on the grass. We stop for a few minutes, then longer stop for ice cream followed by a return to the center of Cerkno, where we parked. With that, we finished our hike along Bevk’s path.

The view back on Zakojca and hills at the back

The hike its self was great, the entire path was spent in a beautiful environment, with wonderful views on surrounding villages and hills. Slovenia is, where ever we go, simply beautiful and every corner of it is worth visiting. Walkthrough the villages have, to some extent, showed us life in the past, as well as today. Cultural program in front of Bevk’s homestead was perfectly managed, we were especially thrilled over the speech of writer Valerija, which was well prepared, and summed up Bevk’s story, his struggle for Slovenian language and we think that it inspired all present. Despite that there was no transport back, we had a great time. We enjoyed the day in every aspect and we hope that next year the organizer does something about the return for hikers. Everyone, who wants to get natural and cultural experience, we invite, to join the hike on Bevk’s path next year and experience something special. At the same time we would like to invite you to a hike along themed path of movie: On our own land (si. Na svoji zemlji), which will be on October 5th, 2019 in Grahovo ob Bači, Baška grapa. In the end, we invite you to look at both paths on Sports Trackerroute 1 and route 2.

We invite you to see all the photos from the hike and cultural event. We would be grateful for every like or share of this post. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tik Tok.

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