Nina Simic is a 35-year-old travel planner from Ljubljana who loves to travel around the world and on weekends discovers the beauties of her home country. Time and again she is fascinated by more or less known corners of Slovenia. She prefers to sit in the car with her buddies and bit by bit discovers interesting places along the way. She loves to plan everything in advance, but she always has plenty of time for spontaneous events, which in the end are what gives the trip the most charm. She is particularly fond of gourmet experiences, the focus is more on the whole experience than on the sightseeing tours themselves.

A trip to Prekmurje and Prlekija brings happiness. — Travel-Slovenia

Nina Simić

This weekend we went on a Saturday-Sunday excursion through Prekmurje and quickly jumped to Prlekija (on the other side of river Mura). First, the route from Ljubljana led us to Lendava and the nearby popular lookout tower. You can climb on it by foot or take an elevator up to 42 meters. In fine weather, it offers a nice view of the nearby vineyards that are sown on the hills. Beneath the tower, you will also find a rich culinary choice, so go there hungry – from typical goulash (si. bograč) to langoš (fried dough coated with various additives) and kurtoš (sweet dough pastry in shape of an empty roll). There is also a rich offer of local wines and spirits.

Slovene version

The view

The trail led us further to Lake Bukovnik, where you can take a stroll through the forest path with 26 energy points and each has its own purpose. At each of the interesting energy points, a 15-minute silence stop is advised, I have chosen only two. In the middle of the forest I drank some healing water at Vid’s spring, you never know, it may help. I walked through a forest that looks fabulous because of its rich undergrowth.

Bukovnik lake
Vid’s spring
Forest dwarf
5th energy point

As we filled up with energy, we headed towards a house with a rich cultural past where we have planned to spend the night. After a short break, we headed to the old Rotunda church in Selo, which hides interesting medieval stories. Dinner followed, where we have enjoyed a great seasonal pumpkin soup, dödole, liver, fried chicken and more delicious food.

Rotunda church in Selo
Only local food
Pumpkin soup

Unfortunately, the restaurant closed at nine o’clock, so we continued our socializing in a tourist farm, from where we could go home by foot. Although we ate enough food already, there was some room for dessert. They spoiled us with their special homemade ice creams – they have great pumpkin ice cream with chocolate pieces and cinnamon one served with baked apples.

Ice cream

In the morning, we left the house with a fabulous view of the vineyards and Plečnik’s Church of the Ascension in Bogojiina and went to see how its interior looks like. We took a quick peek at it, during the Holy Mass, as it has a very interesting structure with a tower made in typical Plečnik’s (famous Slovenian architect) style, which can be climbed by internal spiral steps.

Church of the Ascension

Then it was time for a real Prekmurje breakfast (they are famous for a little bit more fatty food). Unfortunately, estate with its chocolate production was closed, but we soon found a tavern in Tešanovci near Moravske toplice. We ordered some fried eggs, with bacon, cheese, and vegetable on them and for the end the real, delicious Prekmurian layer cake (pastry with layers of poppy seeds, apple filling, cottage cheese filling, walnut filling, and an optional topping such as sour cream). It was excellent and with a heavy heart and stomach, we headed further past Moravske toplice to Veržej, where the famous mill on the river Mura is located. It still operates and offers homemade flour. We also took a look at the interior where the production actually takes place.

Prekmurian layer cake

Back across the Mura, we jumped to the Isle of Love, where you can also take a raft down the river Mura during summer. If you come with your partner you definitely have to take pictures at the famous Lovers’ Bench!

Lover’s bench

Unfortunately, many good local restaurants are closed on Sundays, so we made our way to Murska Sobota, where we were surprised by the look and offer of the bar in the city center, built-in a post-apocalyptic steampunk style. Otherwise, it’s famous for great burgers and beer, but everything we tried was great. Bonus points for creativity and courage! After that, we went back to Ljubljana full of good impressions and will definitely be back soon!

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