In cooperation with Dragon Lines agency, we (Travel-Slovenia) prepared online (virtual) guiding tours LIVE, where we will discover Slovenian places and their beauties. Walkthrough history, present, and future. Do not hesitate and join us in an adventure of discovering Slovenia.

Welcome to Slovenia, in the land of small miracles! — Travel-Slovenia

We will discover Ljubljana, Kamnik, Bled, Škofja loka, Sevnica, Kobarid and Javorca. By agreement, we can also set out to other places around Slovenia. A professional tourist guide Dragan will be with us, who has many years of experience in this field. Together we will get to know interesting facts about places, at the same time you will be able to ask questions. Tours in the capital city, Ljubljana, will be augmented with the application TaleUp, which will show you Ljubljana in a different light.

** Tour for each location is done separately in different time, the duration of location discovering is up to two hours

Slovene version

If you want to discover Slovenia with us, you can reserve your date on e-mail and set out on an adventure of discovering the beauties of Slovenia. In case you liked the tour, you can support us with a donation HERE.

In Ljubljana we prepared three different tours:

  • the path around Ljubljana, where we will get to know various interesting places, like Three bridgers, Prešeren square, Butcher and Dragon bridge, cathedral and magistrate, where interesting stories are intersecting.
  • along Jože Plečnik path, a Slovenian greatest architect, who created many wonderful masterpieces. Step on the path with us and discover Plečnik’s works and get to know Ljubljana in the way he imagined it.
  • walkthrough past, into the time of Romans and inhabitants of that time Emona. We will see the remains of this culture, which was incredibly developed. We will get to know the inhabitants of Emona and in that way walk into the past.

We will get to know the pearl of Slovenia, Bled, and our only islet. The islet represents one of the international symbols for tourism, which places it next to the Eiffel tower, Coloseum, London bridge, and other world landmarks. But the magic of Bled is not just in the islet with the church of the Assumption of Mary, here also stands the mystical castle, which reigns high above the lake. Furthermore, we will also get to know other interesting locations. Discover Bled in all its might.

On the north of Slovenia, a warm small city is located, mentioned in the year 1061, and once one of the most influential cities next to Ljubljana, Kamnik. In the city, famous general Rudolf Meister was born, and Plečnik created here one of his most beautiful creations, the chapel of the holy sepulchre. For more stories, join us on the wander.

One of the oldest medieval cities is located in Upper Carniola and was for the first time mentioned in the year 973 under the name Lonca, today known under the name Škofja loka. The most interesting thing about its coat of arms is that it represents negro, behind which a story is hidden. Along the path, we will hear that and other stories about the city, so join us in discovering the city of Škofja loka.

In Lower Carniola, the birthplace of probably most known Slovenian Melanie Trump is located, Sevnica. We will walk past a hospital, where she was born, the apartment building, where she spent her first years of life, and more. Along the path, we will get to know the beautiful medieval castle, which proudly stands above the city and river.

We will get to know the small city, marked by wars, especially by First World War, and is located next to the most beautiful Slovenian river Soča, Kobarid. The city is linked with many celebrities, and the city was visited by many statemen. The beauty of the city lies slightly aside, next to the river Soča and the most beautiful waterfall Kozjak.

Somewhere between mighty mountains, a mysterious place is located, a seemingly hard-to-reach mystical place with a mystical church, Javorca. In this place, in the middle of the Great War, Austrians erected a church of Holy Spirit, dedicated to the fallen soldiers. Together with us, you will get to know this mystical place.

Do not hesitate and come with Travel-Slovenia on online tours of discovering Slovenia, its beauties, and secrets. In case you would like to support Travel-Slovenia in its discoveries of Slovenia or any other way, we ask you to give us support in the form of a donation for which we will be grateful – HERE.

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