With first notice in this year, Travel-Slovenia goes to the snow, which cheered us and offered winter joys. Ski and snow enthusiasts were especially happy with the snow and will come to their account. Slovenia with its ideal position covers various landscapes, and one part of it is mountains and smaller elevations that offer all these joys.

That is why Slovenia is also known as Alpine country, which beside elevations occupies planes, valleys, Karst, basins, coast, and more. Which ranks it among the little miracles with its diverse landscape occupation. This time, we will discover what can one do in Slovenia in the wintertime, which joys does it offer.

Enjoy the winter in Slovenia! — Travel-Slovenia

In addition to skiing at the selected ski resort, which offers various tracks, as well for beginners as for those most demanding skiers at demanding and steep slopes of Slovenian Alps, and sledding, which can be done safely on almost every hill or smaller elevation, we will talk about other possibilities that winter offers.

The first one among activities it offers is snowshoeing, which beginnings go back thousands of years into history and was once used as a means of transportation, but through time it developed into a recreational activity. Snowshoeing is suitable for all ages and readiness levels, as it is some sort of aerobic exercise. With it, we can replace expensive skiing activities, as you do not need much, only winter footwear, winter clothes, sticks, and snowshoes, and you are ready for your first steps.


Snowshoeing represents winter’s unique panorama, where one can alone or in the company of a guide gets to know Slovenian hidden corners and at the same time enjoys an intact, snow-covered, landscape. An unforgettable adventure for families, beginners, professionals, and all sorts of sports enthusiasts. Do not hesitate, but embark on this winter experience.

Enjoying in snowshoeing

The second interesting activity that Slovenia offers is dog sled adventure, where you can spend a day in company with huskies, a unique winter experience. You will discover unspoiled nature on the sled and at the same time experience a completely different way of travel through snow. This kind of activity is available for all winter enthusiasts. But before you head on to the road, you will socialize with dogs, get some theoretical foundations, prepare the sled and check all the equipment. You can embark on a short, 4 kilometers, or longer, 8 kilometers, long trail. It depends on your physical readiness.

Huskies in action

On a sled

If you would like to spread your legs and arms a little, you will discover the landscape on the skies. Try your skills in the most popular winter sport, cross-country skiing. Set out on the best cross-country trails in Slovenia along the idyllic Alpine countryside. Trails around Slovenia are suitable for anyone and offer a personalized experience. Fill your lungs with fresh Alpine air and run your blood on various differently prepared tracks. Entire equipment can be rented, and you can set out in a company of a professional guide, who will show you undiscovered landscapes and appropriate techniques. Like most of the places in Slovenia, also cross-country trails are available and suitable for everyone. If we add beautiful weather, you will get an unforgettable experience. So, grab your skiing sticks and follow us.

Cross-country skiing

On the skies

We could say that this is some sort of upgrade of cross-country skiing, as it also offers intact nature experience, just in a slightly different way, in untouched mountains slopes, ski touring. It offers skiing in untouched snow and an unforgettable highland adventure. At the same time, you will get to know much about avalanches and safety in these areas. It is a combination of hiking and skiing, a winter activity on a higher level. Alpine ski touring enables walking in soft snow, where we usually struggle to walk in regular shoes, and at the same time it offers sliding in step, and with that, we move faster. It opens new possibilities to cross snowy areas, which are usually inaccessible, and enables the experience of wild slopes of snowy Alps. At the same time, skiing on untouched snow is one of the best activities, which is highly addictive and thus suitable for all adrenaline junkies

On the way to the mountain

Skiing on untouched show

Those more demanding adventurers can go ice climbing and thus accept the challenge of climbing the most spectacular ice waterfalls in Slovenia, alone or in the company of a professional guide. Have you always dreamed about climbing the frozen water, now you have the chance to enjoy the winter landscape and fulfill your wish. Do you remember when was the last time you said, that was poetic. This is your chance to repeat that. Ice climbing looks hard and dangerous, but it is primarily about the fun experience, which does not demand a lot of physical strength or prior experience. Climbing will bring you a rush of adrenaline and well-being. Who knows, maybe this is your next love.

Up the frozen water

Safety first

You can sure enjoy wintertime in Slovenia, not just on snow, you can also visit other locations around Slovenia, which you can check on Travel-Slovenia, with description and what is worth seeing. But as winter is kind of special time of the year, one must make the most of it. And these are just a few of the suggestions. And if you need any help to decide what to do or want a suggestion where to go, you can write us on e-mail, where you can get more info. We will gladly help you find your most suitable experience. We can provide you with a professional tour guide or you can share your experience on our Trail blog, feel free to write us for all additional information.

Idyllic winter landscape

We also invite you to share our website or blog, follow us on Facebook, TripAdviser, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, or see some of the video impressions of Slovenia on our YouTube channel. You can also check our walks on SportsTracker. Slovenia is a nice country to visit, and we are sure you will enjoy every second of it.

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