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On one August Sunday, the path took us to Upper Carniola, namely to Bohinj lake. Around lake goes a hiking trail that offers many beautiful views. We start our trip in Ljubljana, drive pass Bled, and as usual, it is full of people, towards Bohinj lake. Bohinj lake is the biggest Slovenian standing and natural lake, it is located in the Julian Alps in Triglav National park and is considered as a natural landmark. Its main affluent is stream Savica, which in the western part of the lake pierces over moraines with boulders and flow into the lake at Ukanc. Stream Savica is a karstic spring with two branches, namely Velika Savica (en. Big Savica), where the waterfall is located, and Mala Savica (en. Small Savica). Mala Savica is torrential, and during the rain flows southwest from Velika Savica. Later the streams merge into one bed and continue under the name Savica. Before it flows into Bohinj lake, it is joined with a torrential stream Ukanška Suha.

Lake Bohinj offers many beutiful and interesting natural and cultural sights! — Travel-Slovenia

Bohinj lake from Janez’s bride

Bohinj lake is a flowing lake and so the river Jezernica flows out of the lake. After only 100 meters, together with river Mostnica, forms river Sava Bohinjka. By size, the lake is only surpassed by intermittent Cerknica lake, when it is full, and artificial Ptuj lake. Here we will again mention waterfall Savica, which is one of the most known waterfalls with a touch romance and with a special historical meaning. And as such the most visited waterfall. We went to the Savica waterfall in July, the path to the waterfall is arranged in the middle of the forest. Along the path, beautiful views towards Bohinj lake open, at the same time, we can see how Bohinj lake was formed. Bohinj lake is a glacial lake and his valley is in the shape of the letter U. The view on the waterfall is very enviable and wonderful, the nature around it offers the perfect environment to spend your free time.

Slovene version



This time our trip was somehow different, more cultural, as on a September’s Sunday we went to see two museums, namely Technical museum of Slovenia in Bistra and Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec. The weather was sour all day long, but we had some luck, as there was no rain during the day. It overtook us towards the end of our trip while walking on Blagaj path, but that did not stop us and we walked the entire path, at the same time we had a great time watching interesting things.

It is always very educational to visit a museum! — Travel-Slovenia

Photo 1: Technical museum of Slovenia – Photo 2: Museum of Post and Telecommunications

Our day started with morning coffee and chocolate milk, at the same time we finished our day plan. Our first stop was Bistra and a tour of the Technical Museum of Slovenia, we spent most of our day in it. The museum is located in a former Carthusian monastery and is only twenty kilometers away from Ljubljana. Between the monastery walls, permanent collections are on display on more than 6000 m2 of exhibition surfaces – printing, agriculture, road transport, textiles, electricity, fishing, hunting, carpentry, forestry, and water-powered installations.

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This time we took a little family trip to an 887 meters high hill Grmada in Lower Carniola. Grmada is a viewpoint on the western side of Ribnica’s Mala gora with a nice view from the top. At first, we did not know if the trip will be possible, as it was raining all day on Saturday. But Sunday morning was fresh, little cloudy, but still, it was promising a nice day to take a trip.

Small hill, beautiful nature and time well spent outdoors. — Travel-Slovenia

Road took us towards small settlement Velike Lašče and after it to a village named Gornje Retje. As a quick fact, the village on the other side of the road is Dolnje Retje, where Slovenian poet, writer, dramatist, critic, and linguist Fran Levstik was born. If you are interested in history, we also suggest visiting the village and see his birth house.