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Travel-Slovenia is the ultimate web tourist portal, which tries to present various locations around Slovenia and bring them closer to foreign and domestic visitors. Slovenia is a small sub-Alpine country, which offers unique experience and unforgettable moments. Travel-Slovenia, a tourist guide, tries to provide as much informations about Slovenia as needed, so the visitors will leave it with beautiful impressions.

We enjoy exploring and finding new places around Slovenia. — Travel-Slovenia

In this regard, we also started to write a blog, about our travels around Slovenia and to provide first-hand information and experiences. To give our visitors something more and to encourage them to visit this places. As we believe, the first-hand experience of a place is the best information one can get.

We try to regularly publish new locations and frequently new posts about our search for new locations. Besides information about the locations, we also give insight to Slovenian products, history, general information, happenings, events and much more.

So start exploring with us and be part of this amazing journey.