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This time we took a little family trip to an 887 meters high hill Grmada in Lower Carniola. Grmada is a viewpoint on the western side of Ribnica’s Mala gora with a nice view from the top. At first, we did not know if the trip will be possible, as it was raining all day on Saturday. But Sunday morning was fresh, little cloudy, but still, it was promising a nice day to take a trip.

Small hill, beautiful nature and time well spent outdoors. — Travel-Slovenia

Road took us towards small settlement Velike Lašče and after it to a village named Gornje Retje. As a quick fact, the village on the other side of the road is Dolnje Retje, where Slovenian poet, writer, dramatist, critic, and linguist Fran Levstik was born. If you are interested in history, we also suggest visiting the village and see his birth house.