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Slovenian version



Travel-Slovenia will at this opportunity talk about day trip options. Last time we talked about staying in Slovenia for seven days, highest mountain and winter activities. We will kind of continue this streak and touch day trips and what can you see in one day in Slovenia. It could be leisure or active, it depends on what are your wishes and what you want to see/discover.

In most cases, Ljubljana is the first point to set on a day trip, as it is the most centralized city of Slovenia, from where most of the points are reachable inside 2-hour travel. But you can also consider other cities, which are nice to visit and see, for example, Koper, Bled or Maribor.

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With first notice in this year, Travel-Slovenia goes to the snow, which cheered us and offered winter joys. Ski and snow enthusiasts were especially happy with the snow and will come to their account. Slovenia with its ideal position covers various landscapes, and one part of it is mountains and smaller elevations that offer all these joys.

That is why Slovenia is also known as Alpine country, which beside elevations occupies planes, valleys, Karst, basins, coast, and more. Which ranks it among the little miracles with its diverse landscape occupation. This time, we will discover what can one do in Slovenia in the wintertime, which joys does it offer.

Enjoy the winter in Slovenia! — Travel-Slovenia



Travel-Slovenia continues with discovering Slovenia and providing information about possibilities on how to spend time in Slovenia. This time we are heading out to Triglav national park, namely to discover our highest mountain, Triglav. The mountain reaches an altitude of 2864 meters and thus is the highest peak of Julian Alps and at the same time the only peak in Slovenia that exceeds 2800 meters in height. It is a symbol of the Slovenian nation, pioneer of mountaineering Julius Kugy named the mountain a Kingdom. On the top of Triglav is Aljaž’s tower that was brought there by Aljaž and his friend in the year 1895.

Triglav has always stirred the spirits of adventurers and alpinists, who wanted to reach the very top. This was for the first time accomplished on August 26th, 1778 by four people of heart, Luka Korošec, Matevž Kos, Štefan Rožič, and Loverenc Willomitzer. Their monument is located in Bohinj. From the top of Triglav, a beautiful view opens, which reaches into the distance. We can see the Adriatic sea, pass the Dolomites and High Tauern towards Karavanke, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Pohorje, and pas entire Slovenia towards the highest peaks of Julian Alps. Over time Triglav bore seveal names, like Ocra mons, Krma, Terglau, Terglou and Terklou.

Feel the freedom at the top of Slovenia! — Travel-Slovenia

Triglav mountain

Triglav offers many options to spend time in these highlands, we can ascend, with suitable condition and equipment, in one day or you can spend some days in this beautiful environment and discover what it has to offer. If you decide to climb Triglav in one day, we suggest that you start in the early hours, as the whole trip will take you somewhere between ten to eleven hours. In that case, we suggest different ascent routes, from Aljaž’s home in valley Vrata, from Pokljuka, the valley of Krma, the valley of Kot, or from Uskovnica. These routes will take you around six hours to reach the top. You can take one of several different directions – along Tominškov’s path, across Planika and Mali Triglav, pass Kredarica or Triglav notch.

Climbing Triglav



After a long time we are back with new content, this time we will talk about how to spend a week of active holidays in Slovenia. In this year we recorded a good response to our guided tours around Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities, mostly by domestic, and some foreign, discoverers. Therefore, we decided to take a little different approach in this article, in which we will take you to a seven-day active spending time in Slovenia. It can be done in any season.

We will take a walk through the capital city, Ljubljana, afterward we will set off to Upper Carniola to Bled, around Bohinj lake, and activities in Kranjska Gora. In the end, we will explore the old coastal town of Piran. Let’s set out on a Slovenia adventure holiday.

Discover Slovenia and its beauties! — Travel-Slovenia

Activities around Slovenia

We believe that you already know that Ljubljana is the biggest and at the same time capital city of our little Sub-Alpine country. It is a city at the crossroads of Germanic, Romanic, and Slavic nations, their languages, customs and habits, altogether strongly influenced the history of the city. According to the legend, the first settlement was founded in its place by Argonauts and the ancient Greek hero Jazon. The origin of the name Ljubljana is not fully clarified. The city had several names, namely Laubah, Laibach, Ljubovid, Ljubid, and today’s Ljubljana. The symbol of the city is the Ljubljana dragon, which symbolizes strength, courage, and greatness.



In search of new trails.