On Saturday, June 15th, 2019, we went back to the beautiful Karst village Vojščica, which celebrated its holiday on this day. A holiday of Saint Vid, by which the village church is called, at the same time Saint Vid is a patron of the village. In the year 2018, members of Society Farjovca named this holiday Vojščica feast on sand; of course, Vojščica also has sand. On Saturday, they organized beach volleyball tournament of threes with rich prizes, on Sunday they prepared a musical colored program with a concert of Slavko Ivančič and accompanying ensemble ABC. The event was organized under this name and in such extent for the second time, and it did not disappoint.

Vojščica holiday offered a pleasant experience! — Travel-Slovenia

Society Farjovca

Our path to Vojščica started at 10 in the morning, with departure from Ljubljana, the weather forecast was great, but all did not go according to plan. A car accident at Brezovica stopped us and delayed our travel for more than an hour. We took a detour on local roads, thus, we managed to avoid a traffic collapse on the Littoral highway and according to forecasts, the waiting time was more than an hour. In addition, after a long rainy days finally warm and sunny days came, and with that also works on the roads started. Of course, the highways are no exception, so we had to pass some roadblocks, but after the arrival to Ajdovščina, our path continued smoothly. With only one exception of a little carelessness, as we made a wrong turn and had to drive back.

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Still full of memories from our last – Sage hike, which happened only a week before, we again took a trip to Kras on Sunday 14th, 2019, but this time somewhat lower. We joined an organized Traditional hike along the abyss of river Reka, which this year was already 24th in a row.

Beautiful landscape of Karst! — Travel-Slovenia

The map of the hike

The path took us to a small village named Matavun, if we are precise, to its beginning. The entire route of the hike runs along with the Regional Park Škocjan caves, which is very diverse. This hike was individual, so each hiker could start upon arrival. The start of the hike was foreseen between 8. and 12. a.m.. As there was not much space for parking at the beginning of the hike, the organizer redirected all the visitors to a parking lot in business zone Risnik, from where a small bus drove us to the starting point and at the end took us back from the village Matavun. A nice gesture from the organizer was that they did not forget about four-legged friends, who could join the ride on the bus.

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Once again, the path took us to a small Karstic village near the Italian border, Vojščica. This time we joined an organized Sage hike 2019, which was already 13th in a row. Local Community Vojščica organized the first one far back in the year 2007, but three years ago, the organization of the hike was handed over to newly established Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca, which takes care of the village development.

Karst is always a good idea to visit! — Travel-Slovenia


First, we must know from where did the name come from? Part of the route of the hike takes us along the slopes of Grmada, where on the rocky ridge of this elevation grows the plantations of sage. In a time of the hike, spring, sage is just in the initial stage of flowering and it smells incredible, which always takes over the hikers. And for sure it did, the sight on sage was just beautiful, and it was fulfilled with the unique view to the surroundings. At the same time, wild asparagus was seen through the whole route of the hike. As it grows high and mighty above the karst slopes. Many of the hikers were like small children running for their candy, to gather asparagus.

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This time we took a little family trip to an 887 meters high hill Grmada in Lower Carniola. Grmada is a viewpoint on the western side of Ribnica’s Mala gora with a nice view from the top. At first, we did not know if the trip will be possible, as it was raining all day on Saturday. But Sunday morning was fresh, little cloudy, but still, it was promising a nice day to take a trip.

Small hill, beautiful nature and time well spent outdoors. — Travel-Slovenia

Road took us towards small settlement Velike Lašče and after it to a village named Gornje Retje. As a quick fact, the village on the other side of the road is Dolnje Retje, where Slovenian poet, writer, dramatist, critic, and linguist Fran Levstik was born. If you are interested in history, we also suggest visiting the village and see his birth house.



On Sunday, 18. November 2018, the road took us to the famous Vipava valley, to the village Ustje. We joined an organized hike along Vertovec trails, organized by Society Matija Vertovec. We gathered under the mighty Oak in front of village Ustje, where the morning welcome followed with hot coffee and tea. The hike is admission free.

Outskirts of Vipava valley are always good idea to visit. — Travel-Slovenia

It is a circular hike along village paths that lead us through the villages Ustje – Dolenje – Sveta Marjeta – Planina – Ostri vrh (additional option) – Potok – Jakulini – Šmarje – Vrtovče – Tevče – Uhanje – Ustje. The hike took us 5 hours to complete and in that time we walked almost 19 kilometers.



This time our journey took us to Karst, to a small Karstic village near the Italian border, named Vojščica. We joined an organized Autumn hike on Trstelj, the biggest peak of Slovenian Karst. It happened on Sunday, 4. November 2018, with a start next to an Old school and church St. Vid.

Very nice hike on the highest peak of Slovenian Karst. — Travel-Slovenia

The hike was organized by the Sports cultural touristic society Farjovca and it was almost 15 kilometers long, which took us around 5 hours to complete. The hike was guided by a personal guide, with some stops along the way.



Our visit to Kranjska gora, beside all the beautiful things around, also took us on Triple border or mountain Peč. It is 1510 meters high elevation above Rateče and is a juncture of three countries and culture: Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

A place with a beautiful view on three countries – Slovenia, Italy and Austria. — Travel-Slovenia

This is one of the must see points while visiting Kranjska gora and nearby places. And you can take is as a day trip, with a little walk in the nature and with final beautiful views on three countries mountain landscape.


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