After a long time, we are here again with our new adventure, as the current situation with corona virus has paused our explorations. We hope that the conditions will normalize soon and we can go back to calmer times and will be able to rediscover the secrets of our little Slovenia. This time, the path took us to Carinthia, namely to Slovenj Gradec, Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu and local Green path with stories from Podgorje to Wiederdries or Vodriž. It is a school didactic path, which was established in the year 2016 by primary school Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu. The path is circular and along it offers numerous mathematical, natural-scientific, and literary tasks, presented on informational boards and accompanying story.

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Grad Vodriž or Wiederdries stands tall!

We started our journey in front of Cultural home Podgorje, where there is also a monument to the fallen fighters for freedom, who participated in the rebellion of the Slovenian nation between the years 1941 – 1945. From here, the path takes us back to the main road, which we follow for some time. The starting point of the Green path with a story is otherwise in front of primary school, where the first informational board is. We follow the road as long as the wooden board with inscription “Zelena pot z zgodbo do gradu Wiederdries” (en. Green path with story towards castle Wiederdries) directs us to the right, on macadam road. Soon we reach the second informational board, where prince Lawrence (si. Lovrencij) and princess Veronica (si. Veronika) ask us to, with a help of shapes, mark our presence. This is how we can find out, how many researchers have already taken the Green path. As this point is located some meters higher, a beautiful view opens towards surrounding forests and settlement Podgorje.

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On the day of Slovenian holiday of independence and unity, December 26th, 2019, we went to Karst exploration and cultural engagement, more precisely to village Kostanjevica na Krasu, to the blessing of the horses in Vojščica, settlement Štanjel and in the end to a concert of wind orchestra in Komen. The day was just right for this kind of excursion, sunny and without a cloud. Unfortunately the winter, once again, let us down, as in December the temperatures were not suitable for this time of the year.

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Štanjel castle

We drove from Ljubljana along Littoral highway towards Nova Gorica, and further to Karst and towards village Vojščica to a blessing of the horses, which happened in front of the village church of St. Vid from 11. o’clock onwards. This kind of event happened in Vojščica for the first time, as they moved it from Kobjeglava. Blessing always takes place on December 26th, as this day is a name day of St. Štefan, who is the patron of stonemasons, headache intercessors and the patron of the horses.

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On a beautiful November Sunday we were taken to northern Littoral region, namely to a smaller elevation, which rises above Nova Gorica and Solkan, Sveta gora. Sveta gora is 862 meters high elevation, which offers a beautiful view on Gorica hills, Adriatic sea and the Friulian lowlands towards the Julian Alps with Triglav, across Vipava valley to Inner and Istrian hills. The top of the Sveta gora is named Skalnica (en. The Rock), the biggest landmark is God’s trail basilica of the Queen of Sveta gora, which was our goal.

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Entrance to the longest trench

The visitors can reach the top with the car on asphalt road from Solkan, along with it there are the Stations of the Cross. We returned along this path, after reaching the top. One can reach the top along the pilgrimage trail from Preval or from Grgar, Zagora, and Plave. We decided to conquer the top by going through the trenches, which were created during the First World War. Along the path we were accompanied by big and small caverns, this are preserved and partly cleaned Austria-Hungarian defense positions.

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The first weekend in October, on Saturday, October 5th, 2019, we again went to the Littoral region, namely to Baška grapa, where every year in Grahovo ob Bači an organized hike along theme path of the movie On our own land happens. Last year, the movie celebrated the 70th anniversary of its origin, it was the first Slovenian feature sound film, directed by France Štiglič and marks the beginning of Slovenian professional cinematography. The movie was presented last year on the 13th Festival Echoes of Heritage. The first words spoken in the movie were: »Look at it, our grapa (en. ravine)! Baška grapa!« (si. »Glej jo, našo grapo! Baška grapa!«)

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Baška grapa

This year, the hike was organized for the seventh time, with the start at 10 o’clock in the morning, in front of Home of the locals in Grahovo v Bači. Upon our arrival to Grahovo, the road attendant directed us towards the village church of St. Anne, we parked on a small parking lot behind it. From here we walked towards the Home of the locals, when entering, we could immediately see the parts of the movie: On our own land, are being played. We signed in to a book of hikers, got a card with stamp and paid the entry fee for the hike. We took a look of the themed room of the movie, where the movie is presented, the filming locations described, the stories about the actors, maps, pictures and more.

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Nina Simic is a 35-year-old travel planner from Ljubljana who loves to travel around the world and on weekends discovers the beauties of her home country. Time and again she is fascinated by more or less known corners of Slovenia. She prefers to sit in the car with her buddies and bit by bit discovers interesting places along the way. She loves to plan everything in advance, but she always has plenty of time for spontaneous events, which in the end are what gives the trip the most charm. She is particularly fond of gourmet experiences, the focus is more on the whole experience than on the sightseeing tours themselves.

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Nina Simić

This weekend we went on a Saturday-Sunday excursion through Prekmurje and quickly jumped to Prlekija (on the other side of river Mura). First, the route from Ljubljana led us to Lendava and the nearby popular lookout tower. You can climb on it by foot or take an elevator up to 42 meters. In fine weather, it offers a nice view of the nearby vineyards that are sown on the hills. Beneath the tower, you will also find a rich culinary choice, so go there hungry – from typical goulash (si. bograč) to langoš (fried dough coated with various additives) and kurtoš (sweet dough pastry in shape of an empty roll). There is also a rich offer of local wines and spirits.

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