Travel-Slovenia will at this opportunity talk about day trip options. Last time we talked about staying in Slovenia for seven days, highest mountain and winter activities. We will kind of continue this streak and touch day trips and what can you see in one day in Slovenia. It could be leisure or active, it depends on what are your wishes and what you want to see/discover.

In most cases, Ljubljana is the first point to set on a day trip, as it is the most centralized city of Slovenia, from where most of the points are reachable inside 2-hour travel. But you can also consider other cities, which are nice to visit and see, for example, Koper, Bled or Maribor.

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Slovenia is a diverse country and this diversity also gives her a status of a wine country, in Slovenia, we have nine wine regions with thousands of wineries that produce over fifty different grape varieties, and among them, many are indigenous in Slovenia. And this diversion of geographical features offers the right conditions to produce fine wines with full taste. The taste differs from region to region, and each has its unique taste one must try. And the combination of quality grapes, precise work of winegrowers, and fine production is putting Slovenian wines among the most popular wines in the World. If you want to delve into Slovenian wine culture, you need to take a trip to wineries, see the wine country, taste those delicious wines, and meet its people. A perfect day trip to a wine tasting and easy walk through local vineyards, learning about the soil, wine, and production. You can visit one of the regions and take a sip – Carniola, Styria, Lower Carniola, Upper Carniola, Inner Carniola, White Carniola, Littoral region or Prekmurje. Whichever region you choose, we are sure you will not regret it.

Walk through local vineyards
Meet the people
Taste the wine

Visit our only and biggest national park of Triglav and discover hidden wonders of the Julian Alps, visit the most popular Vintgar gorge and walk on the wooden path, along the river Radovna and see waterfall Šum and the largest and fully preserved stone arch railway bridge. See scenic waterfall Peričnik or the origin of Sava Dolinka at Zelenci near Kranjska Gora, a nature reserve. Refresh yourself in the lake Jasna or just enjoy its beauties. Take a walk between the high mountains in valleys like Vrata, Krma, Tamar, or Upper Sava valley and enjoy its sounds. Jump to Planica and observe the architectural wonder, a ski jump, which you can climb and see the view it offers. Triglav National Park or TNP has a special nature protection regime, which is more stringent than in landscape parks. The dominant part of the park is the high mountains. Park got its name from the highest Slovenian mountain that lies in the center, Triglav. If you want to visit Triglav, we suggest that you take at least two days, it is too much for one day because of safety. Park offers many locations to visit, where you can enjoy every minute of your visit, so do not hesitate and take a trip and relax in nature.

Valley of Triglav lakes
Bled gorge
Arch railroad bridge in Bled Gorge

Visit the emerald river, which was described in the poems by Simon Gregorčič, the most beautiful Slovenian river, Soča. You can take a walk along the Soča trail, which is 25 kilometers long path that takes you from Bovec to the spring of the river. An attractive hiking trail gives insight into a Soča and its surroundings, which are most beautiful and offers perfect views. Soča itself also offers many other activities, like canyoning, where you will travel in river Soča with its flow. Go rafting, one of the most popular activities, and refresh yourself on lively rapids. Take a trip with your bicycle and discover the fantastic Soča landscape. The paths offer a challenge to mountain cyclists. You can go fishing, where you will relax your soul and body. Find peace and inspiration in a quiet pool, where Soča trout reigns. Take a challenge and climb to the heights of the rocky walls. Natural climbing areas impress both experienced and beginner climbers. Visit fort Kluže, the most visited fort in the valley of Soča, and at the same time an important memorial of defense against Turk invasions and attacks in World War I. See beautiful Soča riverbeds and much more. Visit Soča and enjoy this emerald river.

Soča spring
Footbridge across river Soča
Soča trout

Visit Piran and Koper, step into the medieval cities, walk through the narrow streets, and rediscover the history. Walkthrough numerous gates, see churches and old houses of different ages. Enjoy these cultural treasures and unimaginable views. Try the Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine, soak your feet or swim in the sea and walk through the city’s cultural history. Just take a hike and discover all the wonders of both cities, feel the beat, and meet new people. Koper is one of the oldest cities in Slovenia. It has hundreds of suns, which adorn the medieval Venetian places. Here, the sun heats the lagoon of Škocjan Inlet with hundreds of bird species. You can see the port and many cargo ships, but behind that, a beautiful and lively city emerges, marked by the reign of the Venetian Republic, which left a fantastic architectural heritage. Piran offers many places with a beautiful view of the city or the sea, some of the most known places, like Tartini square and Venetian house. You can discover medieval structures, churches, monastery, and chapel or climb the bell tower. And before heading back, you can take a walk on the beach of Portorož and enjoy the sunset.



The next suggestion is to visit Logar valley, which is located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and is divided into the lower part of Log, the middle part of Plest, and the upper part of Kot. The valley is surrounded by many peaks and offers a beautiful view of all of them. It is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. Its attractiveness is reflected in the almost pristine environment and many natural attractions. It is a paradise for walkers, cyclists, and photographers, due to its spectacular vistas. Take a walk through the canyon carved by the Savinja river, walk along Solčava’s panoramic road and admire the view, and hike to the second-highest Slovenian waterfall. Enjoy nature, the animals, and the sounds that the valley offers.

Logar valley
The view on the meadow and Mountains at the back
Watterfall Rinka

There is no day trip without visiting both lakes, Bled and Bohinj lake, which offers a beautiful walk around with the most spectacular views. At Bled you can visit a castle, climb one or more of the outliers, walk around the lake, watch swans or visit the local church. Try activities that Bled offers around the lake, rent a boat or visit the only island in Slovenia. Check the first monument to dr. France Prešeren in Slovnia or walk the Rikli path. All outliers offer the most beautiful view of the lake and surroundings – Straža, Višce, Grad, Osojnica, Kuhovnica, and Ojstrica. And most of all, do not forget to get the taste of the Bled vanilla cream, it is a must when visiting Bled. Extend your trip to Bohinj, and you will see that the lake offers the same view as the Bled lake, from here you can visit the waterfall Savica, which as stream Savica flows into Bohinj lake. Take a hike around the lake and enjoy all the views it offers, walk along the Goldhorn fairytale path, and discover fairytales and their characters. Check the bear’s head, the subsidiary church of St. Spirit by the lake, take a photo next to the Goldhorn statue, see the model of Triglav. Walk across Janez’s bridge, which stands above the second shortest river in Slovenia, Jezernica. Take a look at the inside of the church of St. John the Baptist. If you want a better view of the lake Bohinj, take a cable car ride up to Vogel mountain, witness the crown of alpine peaks surrounding the lake and feel like the entire lake would fit into the palm of your hand. And most of all, enjoy all the beauties Bled and Bohinj offer, you will enjoy every second of it.

Path around the Bled lake
Bohinj lake
Waterfall Savica
The view towards church of St. John the Baptist

You can direct to Karst area and discover Littoral villages, like Kostanjevica na Krasu, Vojščica and Štanjel. Kostanjevica is a small village, which has evolved on the steep slope that on the northern part ascents toward Fajtji hrib, Veliki vrh, and Renski vrh, and southern and western side descends towards Hudi log. The village was strongly marked by First World War, that is why there are many monuments to the fallen. And nearby is the Russian cave, which is part of The walk of peace path. In Vojščica you can observe a medieval church with our Karts Heritage application and walk inside it and check how it once looked. It stands on Tabor, the highest point of the village. Not far is Štanjel which got its name from the patron of the church, Saint Daniel. The settlement, which was fortified on the slope of 354 meters high hump Turn, the northeastern part of Komen plateau, above the valley Branica next to Kobdilj. Štanjel has a characteristic solidified masonry, almost entirely from the stone, which adjusts to the spatial endowment. The village has grown in the shape of long building sets, which follow the layer of relief. The buildings that are leaning against each other are exploiting the benefits of the sunny, shady, and protected slope. Walk around the narrow streets of this settlement and discover the history, relief, structures and climb to the lookout point of Gledanica, which offers a great view. Take a walk along Fabiani’s path, which will take you to Ferrari garden, an amazing garden with amazing views and architecture, done by Max Fabiani. The nearby church of St. Gregory offers a nice view of Štanjel and its surroundings.

Kostanjevica na Krasu
Church of St. Martin
Russian cave
Part of medieval church St. Justin
Vojščica church St. Vid
Štanjel castle
The pool with the island in Ferrari garden
Roman remains

Why not go to the dark tunnels of Sveta Gora above Nova Gorica. It is an elevation that is 862 meters high and offers a beautiful view of Gorica hills, Adriatic sea, and the Friulian lowlands towards the Julian Alps with Triglav, across Vipava valley to Inner and Istrian hills. Top of the Sveta Gora is named Skalnica (en. The Rock), where stands the biggest landmark God’s trail basilica of the Queen of Sveta Gora. You can reach the top along the pilgrimage trail from Preval or Grgar, Zagora, and Plave. But if you like a more adventurous path, you should take the path through trenches, which were created during the First World War, preserved and partly cleaned Austria-Hungarian defense positions. You can get a glimpse of that time and how soldiers lived during the war times. Consider that the lands were not covered with trees, as they were all blown by canons and other explosive devices, making it bare. For walking in trenches you will need good footwear, a jacket, a cap, and a headlight. If you are interested in history and this thematic then this is a must for you.

The view on basilica
The monument of St. Francis stands
Path through trenches of WWI, pass with a lamp, length 260 meters
The light at the end of the tunnel

These are just a few options one can take, but Slovenia offers many more day trips and if you stay here for a year, it would not be enough. But whatever trip, hike, or adventure you take, you will enjoy every minute of it and will want to come back as soon as possible to get more of our little Sub-Alpine country. For all additional information about places and more, you are most welcome to visit our page Travel-Slovenia, or you can write us an e-mail at if you want more specific information or any other help.

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